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Best Commercial Access Control Systems

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Cybersecurity is becoming the number one priority associated with securing a business's ongoings. But, business owners who focus too heavily on cybersecurity and antivirus software while grazing over building security are missing a much-needed layer of protection. Here are our top picks.

Top 10 Reviews – Best Building Access Control Systems 

  1. Vanderbilt Industries

Vanderbilt Industries LogoVanderbilt Industries is a top-rated door access control solution that offers a variety of access control systems as well as equipment. They offer traditional, web, and cloud-based systems which all vary in their capabilities. Their traditional system is tailored to larger businesses with multiple sites, however.

They pride themselves on excellent customer service, reliability, and customization. They also advertise that their products are easy-to-use and most packages allow footage and data to be accessed from any tablet or smartphone.

Their smaller packages, however, come with only a limited amount of devices, credential access, and readers each control panel can support.


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  1. ISONAS 

ISONAS LogoIsonas is the top access control solution and is known as the “Pure IP” system meaning it operates solely on a network. There is no necessary wiring, control panel, or power supply.

Isonas also advertises that it is far more cost-effective compared to other building access control systems due to lower maintenance and installation labor.  They don't, however, sell surveillance cameras.

They do offer mobile credentials for door readers as well as physical badge readers.

ISONAS is a solution that offers network-based access control for the one proven system, eliminating complex wiring and power supplies. This means less expensive installations with fewer limitations on physical installation locations as well as regular maintenance across multiple sites which can be costly in other technologies.


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  1. Protection1

Protection1 LogoProtection1 is one of the best companies reviewed and offers a variety of services and access control system options. One of their services that sets them apart is their monitoring service which will dispatch authorities should a break-in occur. They also provide their customers with analytics reports which can help you to make actionable decisions for your business needs.

Protection1 will also install your security system for you as well as to conduct maintenance as needed. An added perk to this company is that they vow to resolve all maintenance issues in one day. This company accommodates small, medium, and large business as well as residential services.


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  1. Bosch

Bosch LogoBosch offers top-of-the-line monitoring services tailored for theft and intrusion, but they also help your business by providing you with customer traffic reports.

Bosch offers surveillance cameras, access readers, and a variety of alarms for fire, intrusion, and even voice alarms. They also offer a Security Escort product that can track people and objects once they leave the building. If needed, people with the security escort device can call for help with the push of a button.


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  1. Kisi

Kisi LogoKisi offers a cloud-based security system that offers its user remote management features. Kisi will also install and evaluate your building in order to select the best location for all of your devices. They exclusively sell card readers, controllers, and credential cards or mobile credentials available with an administrative dashboard function.

All of their systems also receive regular updates so you never need to manually update. This makes Kisi systems easy-to-use with low maintenance.

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  1. ADT

ADT LogoADT is one of the biggest names in the security system business and for good reason. Their systems are easily customizable and great for businesses of all sizes.

ADT also offers 24/7 monitoring so that you can leave your office building without worrying. An additional feature ADT offer which sets them apart is the ability to control lights while away from the office which can help to scare off intruders before they even decide to try their luck at getting past the alarm system.


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  1. Honeywell 

Honeywell LogoHoneywell building access control systems offer a variety of products that are designed to work seamlessly together. They pride themselves on being innovative in their software and hardware initiatives.

Honeywell sells card readers, credentials, and access control software. One big perk is that they offer biometric door readers! Their systems work locally so their products will not be accessible on a network.

Honeywell International Inc. is an American multinational company that operates in four areas of business, including aerospace engineering and production to building technologies like smart meters for utilities or home energy management systems with built-in security features such as motion sensors and cameras! The fourth sector involves safety products which can include anything from fire alarms all the way up through exit lights at night – they're designed not only detect fires but also help you escape safely if necessary
One thing I love about working here though…I get treated really well too 😉


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  1. OpenPath

OpenPath LogoOpenPath's access control system is simple, stylish, and to the point. It offers mobile capabilities that report events in real-time as well as remote access to doors. It also is equipped with a lockdown feature which will instantly lock any door immediately.

Doors can also be scheduled to lock at specific times during the day.

OpenPath operates on a cloud-based system and can be integrated with other systems already in place at your business.

Openpath was created to solve the daily problems of modern entrepreneurship. The founders were tired and frustrated with forgetting their office keys, carrying multiple badges everywhere they went for fear that something would happen at any given moment inside a building- which is why Open Path takes care not only about where you are but also who's around as well!


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  1. Brivo

Brivo LogoBrivo's will help you to build your security system based on your business's needs. They also offer ongoing support and installation.

Brivo access control systems also have other business partners that are compatible with their security systems such as biometric readers available at an additional cost. Brivo has two packages, but each package comes with a reader, a control panel, mobile accessibility, door locks, and customer support.


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  1. Tyco

Tyco LogoTyco prides itself on its managed door access control support which allows your security system to be monitored. Their management services also eliminate the need for any control system software.

Tyco door access systems also offer cloud-based systems and onsite systems as well. Tyco also offers bio-metrics readers as well as video cameras and panic devices.

Tyco's Connected Partner Program helps technology partners integrate their third-party solutions with our in-house brands to leverage the sales teams and market on a global scale.

Building access control systems is an always-on task. With the input a Tyco-led innovation team, you can start your day with confidence knowing that we have made sure there are no vulnerabilities to intrusion at any point in time or during business hours when it matters most!


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Evaluating Access Control Systems

Business owners all have the best intentions of protecting their investments, customers, and employees, but security is a multi-layered operation. Your business security systems will also be far more advanced than a home security system and need to be selected with care.

Protecting your network and data is certainly vital, but protecting your brick-and-mortar location is equally as important. Not just to protect your valuables and possessions, but also your employees and customers.

We live in a day and age where fear is abundant. We feel vulnerable and we want to be protected. Thinking theft and crime can't happen to us may help us to feel safe in the moment, but having an access control system can provide long-term peace of mind.

So, which access control systems are the best fit for your business?

The Best Access Control Systems for Your Business's Protection

Building Access Control SystemEach security system is different and one may be a better fit for your business than another. First, we will explore the features, types, and costs of control access systems on the market. Then, we will provide you with our top ten recommendations for security systems ranked by their overall effectiveness.

Available Security System Components

A well-oiled security system is one that includes a variety of components working together to secure the premises. Each security system's components may come with different features, but it's first important to decide exactly which components are necessary to keep your business safe.

The first component to consider is an access door reader located outside of the building which allows employees to enter with an authorization device. When an employee provides the necessary access credentials then the door will unlock allowing them to enter.

The second component of a building access control system to consider is video surveillance cameras located inside and outside the building. Surveillance cameras can record exactly who came in and out of the doors and at what time of day. Surveillance cameras can be vital if something does happen which needs further investigation.

An access control system should also come equipped with a means of monitoring and storing data which allows you to examine the data as needed.

Another component of a security system is third-party services that can monitor the material for you or alert you when a breach is apparent such as during a break-in. A third-party service also allows you to focus on managing your business by freeing up the time spent monitoring your system's components.

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Features Available

When choosing an access control system, key features need to be taken into account to enhance your system's effectiveness.

One feature that is crucial to your business's security is a system with automatic lock-down modes, door hold alarms, and break-in alarms. Lockdown modes will lock doors remotely should an emergency arise. Door hold alarms will sound when a door has been held open longer than is considered to be safe.

Fire alarm systems are also a must-have for security systems.

Best Door Access System with Key fobDoor readers and credentials also come with a variety of different features available. The best door readers can come with their own internal database which allows them to make decisions and store information. Door readers can also be equipped with tamper alarms in case an intruder attempts to remove or disable the reader in any way.

  • Time Tracking
  • Visitor Management
  • Credential Options
  • Locking Devices
  • Wired / Wireless Systems

Credentials used with door readers come in three main types. The first is a physical credential. Physical credentials include a badge, a fob, or a swipe card. Mobile phone apps available also fall into this category.

The next type of credential is a password or PIN number which the employee can input upon entry into your facility.

Lastly, is a biometric credential. A bio-metric credential is a fingerprint an employee or guest uses which is pre-programmed into the access system. Biometric credentials are the most foolproof feature available as a fingerprint is solely unique to one person which means that the person entering your building must at least include the person allowed access.

Physical credentials and pass-codes, however, can easily be shared with another individual make it more difficult to track who is entering and exiting the premises.

In recent years security systems have also advanced to include cloud-based IP technology which allows security systems to be controlled from a wireless network. Traditional systems which are wired throughout the building are still a viable option, however.

Due to the potential risk of network tampering, some consumers are cautious about purchasing an IP system for their security. Although these systems are easier to install and have less wiring, they are susceptible to a breach. These systems also don't function when the network is down making security potentially less effective long-term.

Choosing the Best Building Access Control System for Your Business

The first consideration for choosing the best system for your business is your budget. Those with healthier budgets can afford some features not available to small businesses with less capital. This doesn't mean, however, that your business still cannot be adequately secured.

The cost of security systems varies depending on the company, services available, and the components you purchase with the security system. Monitoring services will also come at a higher cost. The key is to select a system that meets all of your security needs at the best price possible.

Another thing to keep in mind when selecting a security system is your own ability to use the technology. Some security systems require more knowledge and skill to operate whereas others are more clear-cut and suitable for beginners. Selecting a high-tech system could have its advantages, but if you don't have the ability to properly operate it then its effectiveness diminishes.

If you still want a high-tech system, but don't have the necessary skills to operate it then consider hiring a company to manage it for you. Select a company with a good reputation for reliability and timeliness. You also want to make sure that the company is known for excellent customer service.

Lastly, keep in mind your employees and guests. These folks also need to be able to use the security system with ease. For example, a door reader that requires a smartphone application likely wouldn't be a good access system for a nursing home since many of nursing home residents don't have smartphones or simply wouldn't know how to use this technology efficiently.

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Choosing Between Access Control Systems

Comparing access control systems is vital in ensuring that you receive the best system to meet your business needs. A security system is a vital component to the safety of your workers and customers and needs to be selected with care.

Call any of these companies listed for further information about their products. They will be able to guide you through the process of selecting from their products and services with ease.

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