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Top Marine Generator Reviews

Marine GeneratorOverall RatingGasDieselMax Power OutputCompare Price & Features
Westerbeke 8.0 BTDA No - Does Not Office This ServiceYes- Offers This Service8.0 kw
Kohler 13 EGD Yes- Offers This ServiceNo - Does Not Office This Service18.3 kw
Kohler 15 EGD Yes- Offers This ServiceNo - Does Not Office This Service18.3 kw
Westerbeke 12.5 BTDB No - Does Not Office This ServiceYes- Offers This Service12.5 kw
Westerbeke 8.0 BEG 60 HZ Yes- Offers This ServiceNo - Does Not Office This Service8.0 kw
Kohler 11 EFGD Yes- Offers This ServiceNo - Does Not Office This Service13.8 kw
Kohler 10 EKD Yes- Offers This ServiceNo - Does Not Office This Service14.1 kw
Kohler 8 EFKD Yes- Offers This ServiceNo - Does Not Office This Service13.8 kw
Kohler 9 EFGD Yes- Offers This ServiceNo - Does Not Office This Service12.0 kw
Kohler 7.5 EKD Yes- Offers This ServiceNo - Does Not Office This Service14.0 kw

Tips on Buying Marine Generators

Marine generators are quite helpful in offering an alternative power source that can easily help with generating power for recreational boats or water vessels. The main reason why these generators are used in water-bound vessels is the fact that they can help with all the electrical requirements within the boat without consuming as much fuel as the main engines.

Thus, in order to ensure that your business or organization never suffers losses because of any accidental or unstoppable power outage, getting Marine generators or standby generators is a must. Usually, a blackout would last for longer than just a few hours, and thus, spending a few bucks on a good Marine generator would prove to be cost-effective as it would help you in remaining productive even when an essential component of life in general and businesses, in particular, goes missing.

Best Marine GeneratorThe marine generators are actually similar to the power generators used as an alternative power source in many avenues on land. However, these generators differ in their design and are made so as to withstand corrosion as well as deal with the issue of moisture that is offered by the marine environment. They also take lesser space than normal industrial or residential power generators and thus, easily slot in cramped spaces in a small recreational boat or vessel.

While there can be many reasons for requiring a marine generator, what remains important is that the generator is bought after understanding how it works and after completely checking whether the generator would meet your requirements or not. Here are some tips that can really help you out while you lookout for the right generator for your needs.

Firstly, it is important that you understand your own requirements very well and see the kind of power that you would need from the unit. If you have a small boat and the power requirements won’t be high, then a single small marine generator unit would be good enough. However, if your requirements are large then you should either go for two or three generators or look to get a more powerful marine generator. Remember to check all your requirements and then ask the marine generator company to see if the generator you are asking for would meet the requirements or not. It remains important that you never end up asking too much from the generator as it would die out very soon then.

Secondly, it remains important that you understand that each generator has its own efficiency level and would thus use different levels of fuel in order to offer you the same level of energy. Here, it becomes important that you ensure that the marine generators that you buy are fuel-efficient so that they end up saving you a lot of bucks in the long run. It is important to understand that while such a unit might be more expensive than others but since it would save you a lot of money in the long term, your investment would be a wise one.

Lastly, when you go to buy a marine generator, you should make sure that you inform the company about the environment in which it is going to be used. While every marine generator would be good for normal marine environments, if your boat will end up in heavy current waters then some generators might not be safe. By informing the company, you should be able to get a unit that would safe for use in the environment you would be using the generator.

By keeping these tips in mind, you should be able to get marine generators that would work just fine on your water-bound vessel!

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