Top Smartphone Apps For Business People on The Go

Small business owners and founders often find themselves on the road – either as a necessity of their career or because they were drawn to small business because they crave the freedom to travel more often. However, even when on vacation, small business owners don’t usually get the luxury of unplugging completely. There are always aspects of the business that the owner needs to keep track of. Couple that with all the normal confusion and chaos that comes when travelling for any reason, and it becomes clear that disorganization while on the road is a real inconvenience.


Apps designed for the travel experience fulfill a wide range of organizational functions. Some help you stay organized with your tickets and finances, while others help you access documents while you’re away or keep in touch with staff and clients back home. The goal of using these apps is to help keep your company thriving while you enjoy your trip with the minimum number of complications possible. Try these top business apps the next time you’re on the road to have a better, more organized experience.

Apple Wallet


Apple Wallet is the ultimate travelling app, because of all the travel-related business it can take care of. You can keep your tickets, your itineraries and reservations and even your payment methods stored within one simple app. This means you don’t have to panic every time you turn around, being afraid that you’ve lost important documents, because they’re all stored safely in your phone.


hubstaff app screenshot

Hubstaff is a time tracking app for iOS and Android that’s designed to improve your productivity by helping you understand how you’re making use of your time. You can start recording the hours you work with just one tap on the screen. Hubstaff will create timesheets, generate reports, and send invoices to your clients based on the total hours you have spent on billable projects.



This useful app congregates all of your emails that tie into your travel plans. It then pulls key details from the aggregate data and informs you when important points in your timeline, such as when to check in for your flight, arrive.

Google Calendar


Google Calendar is very useful when you’re on the road, especially due to its capability to share calendars. This can allow you to manage company and staff calendars even while on the road, or to keep your team appraised of your travel plans.



This app is for people who need to stay connected to business back home while away. With videoconferencing and webinar capabilities built into the app, it can allow you to manage in a hands-on style, even when you’re not in the same country.



Evernote is a great catch-all app for organization while travelling, and if you’re only going to use one app on this list, Evernote might be the one to choose. The interface is designed to be easy to use and to aggregate any kind of information you want to keep together. You can use it to track your travel, accommodation and business data all in one spot. If you use Evernote to its full capabilities, you can stay organized without needing to use more than one app.



This is another app that is essential for those who are travelling for work or who need to manage their business while on the road. It is a collaborative digital board where you can create lists, track product development, prioritize tasks and other, similar functions. The commenting feature allows you to ask questions and get updates from your team from an easy to navigate app.



A lot of people overlook the power of the built-in virtual assistant in modern iOS devices. However, you can use Siri to stay organized on the road by completing regular business tasks such as scheduling meetings or answering message, by dictating your requests to Siri even while you might have your hands busy with other things.



This is a total organizational solution that is really helpful if you’ve got a lot on the go. For business travellers that have meetings and travel to juggle on the road while also a busy office to manage back home, 24me allows you to sync everything you need to keep track of everything in one, easy to use app. Whether it’s your calendar, your email, your social media or even your website, you can stay completely organized within one app, instead of a dozen, if you take full advantage of 24me.

Author: Hudson Piccini

Hudson Cynar, a Harvard University alumna and the owner of three prosperous enterprises, is a distinguished business consultant, author, and writer. Her expertise spans multiple business sectors, with a particular emphasis on storage containers, commercial copiers, payroll services, and medical billing software. Dedicatedly investing thousands of hours into product and service research, Hudson crafts insightful reviews to guide entrepreneurs in making informed decisions for their businesses.