Who is the Best Country Band in Hampton Roads?

From the Dave Cynar Band, Cody And Austin Band, or the Heather Edwards Band there is no shortage of kick butt local country talent, and with so much talent it’s hard to tell just who is the “must-see” best country band in Hampton Roads.

Dave Cynar Band Heather Edwards Cody and Austin

We Want Your Opinion

Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk and all of Hampton Roads is known for originality in every aspect from art and entertainment to food and fashion. One of the ways this area is unique is the way that new musical bands begin and thrive in the city limits. The success of local bands in turn motivates much of the up-and-coming country music artists to look and to perform on the same level. They set the stage, so to speak. The result is hometown pride when it turns out that some of your top 10 favorite musicians are from none other than the Hampton Roads – Virginia!  We want your opinion on which ones rock the house the best so others can go check them out too. Here are some of the local country bands from Hampton Roads that have made it through the years and hit it big with the local community of die-hard country music lovers.

PridemoreDave Cynar BandKevin MacBuckshot
Roadside GravesTailgate DownCody And AustinCrazy X
Doug McCormickHeather EdwardsCedar CreekTypeCast
The SunshowersEd Kelleher Kevin MillsBoot Rooster
RiverboyzKasey Rae

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Help us and others discover the best country talent and SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS and tell us who you think the hottest country artists in Hampton Roads are.

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Pridemore of course, they are the Best!!!!!!

Carol Lilla says:

Thanks my sweet friend Teresa Dyer!!!

Jen Hughes says:

Buckshot! xoxo

Betty Arredondo says:

Buckshot !!

BUCKSHOT-these guys are awesome musicians AND entertainers!

Julie Kiggins says:


Mary Kappes says:

Cody Austin and tailgate down

Terri Kneff Thibault says:

Riverboyz!!! Hi Mark Hinds!

ElRoy Yaw says:

Buckshot is the band to see for kick-ass rockin country!

Carla Yaw says:


Kim Ebmeier says:

Buckshot is the best country band by far!!!

Sharnell Cook says:

Buckshot for sure….. Great music and a blast….

Diana Gibson says:


Mallori Green says:

Cody Austin Band!!

Joey Simpson says:


Dennis Thornes says:


Mary Bell Sears says:

Tailgate Down

Dave Nadeau says:

alot of choices com haven't seen them all anyway and like has been said previously why pick one they're all playing music we like !

Cody Austin Band. Not only are they incredibly talented, but they appreciate their fans. Cody came to my sons preschool Christmas party because he knows how much my son loves their band.

Jennifer Couchot says:

Hands down….Buckshot VB

Stephanie Trussell says:

BuckShot 🙂

Dana Fletcher says:


Cody Austin band in m opinion blows all the others out of the water! Keep it up boys!!

Lee Cherry says:

Lee Cherry Entertainment would like to speak on the behalf of it's artist Brian Grilli in saying Brian is very appreciative to be mentioned and included in this list. However, he feels each band is different and unique in their own way. Now that Brian is gaining some well deserved time in the National Spotlight, he hopes it opens the door to expose what great artists are dwelling within Hampton Roads. Brian doesn't hesitate to mention the Tidewater region when on the road. We will see if Va Beach gets an applause later this month in Wisconsin as Brian opens for Florida/Georgia Line at the 150,000 plus CountryFest USA event.

Lorrie McCoy Mynes says:

Mark, we had a GREAT time with both of your kids, plus Tutu, on our recent vacation to Puerto Rico. They miss you. Wish you could be as involved in their lives as you are with your darts! Miss you 🙂

April Bliss says:

Buckshot for sure. They have a great group of fans and always pack the place. Check them out if you haven't already.

Timm Dodd says:

Buckshot VB without a doubt!!

Jessica Thompson says:

BUCKSHOT through and through, catchy and fun originals!

Frank Laster says:

Stocked to see Pridemore made the cut!! We appreciate all the support and love we have gotten over the years from Hampton Roads!! We love all of you guys!!

Danielle Mazur says:

BUCKSHOT!!! Best new band in Hampton Roads!!

Jon Beacham says:

Cody and Austin band is the best band in vb

Mark Hinds says:

If you get a chance to see Buckshot, go see them. Dynamic sounds, and full of energy. 9 out of 10 Doctors recommend it. Seriously, looking forward to see them on the big stage soon.

Cody Austin Band is amazing! Can't get enough!!!

We LOVE the Cody Austin Band, They are two young talented local boys with a BRIGHT future in country music!!!!!

Teresa Dyer says:


Susan Byrum says:

My favorites are TGD, Dave Cynar, Cody Austin, & Jeremy Abrecht & Aaron (of TGD)

Faith Murray Matuschek says:

Cody Austin Band!!

Dan McBath says:

Buckshot definitely. They put on one of the best shows I've ever seen, including professional artists

I've got an idea… Let get all of these bands together.
One day.
Top 10 bands.
5 song sets and vote, give proceeds to wounded warriors. Shea Edwards can you make this happen?

Dave Cynar Packs a house without a doubt no matter what night The DCB is playing!!! Keep Rockin Boys and we'll keep showing our die-hard pride!!! XoXo BUT DEF OVE FOR Heather EdwardsBrendan Rattigan Tailgate DownThe Cody Austin Band Pridemore Boot Rooster Etc Etc

Julie Pauley Watters says:

Wow great bands!!!
Cody and Austin rock!!!!

Dave Bell says:

Cody And The Cody Austin Band

Kathy Decker Wegrzyniak says:

Dave Cynar is my favorite! So many great bands in the area and a few that I didn't see on the list that should be included.

Mark Matuschek says:

Cody Austin band by far

Tom Shackleford says:

I can't vote…I play with'em ALL….they ROCK!!! CAB,HEB,DCB,TGD.

Doris Suddeth Rice says:

Cody Austin Band!!!!

Becky Schoepflin Hudson says:


Pat Ferguson says:

My all time fav is Cody Austin but we are beyond blessed by so much rich talent that I luv'em all! (Momma Ferg). The beauty of all these artists is how they all stick together, encourage one another and go out of their way to be there for one another.

Patty Eppley Halsey says:

Codie Austin!

Maria Nunez Merritt says:

We saw Buckshot VB Sat night at Jerry's of Chesapeake! They were off the chain! Had a special guest join in and play the Violin and she also played Guitar and sang a song! Fit right in with the Band! Def. go see them again! Dave Cynar you are still awesome too!!!

Well I hope I don't get mailed a bill for $200 cause I haven't signed up for anything…lol

Polly McAlea says:

Brian Grilli needs to be on this list too!

Dave Cynar says:

all the Bands are unique in their own way so no need to vote, let us not forget Doug Dunn Kasey Rae , Brian Grilli as well as new comers Buckshot VB.

Susan Matthews French says:

Cody Austin band

I havent even heard of some of these bands… but to not include Brian? Not a legit list…

Whitney Patrick says:

Cody and Austin!!! 🙂

Cody and Austin!!!

Chelsea Rose Deuel says:

Cody and Austin all day!!!! Talented, original and put on one hell of a performance!

Boot Rooster and Typecast are missing

Carol Lilla says:

Tailgate Down!!!!!

That's what I want to know. Who started this list.

Cody and Austin, Dave Cynar, and tailgate down!

Dave Cynar of course. But please add TypeCast to the list. 🙂

Why isn't Brian Grilli on this list???

Samantha Horton Miller says:

Dave! DCB! All the way

Cody & Austin Band !!!!

Lynda Pritchard says:

It hard to pick just one because each one is unique in their own way!! I am eextremely partial to Dave Cynar, Heather Edwards, Cody & Austin, Tailgate Down, Pridemore, Kevin Mac, Boot Rooster & Riverboyz !! Most of these incredibly talented musicians are my friends!!! Lol

Janice Jones says:

Cody and Austin Babyyyyyyy!!

Cody Austin Band and Dave Cynar. Hard choice

Terry King says:

TailGate DownThe Cody Austin BandPridemoreDave CynarThe River BoyzKevin Mac

Kerry Allen says:

We have so many local talented artist in this area Dave Cynar is my favorite although .I havebbeen a fan of Heather Edwards for twenty years all these acts all bring it in there own awesome way! !

Jessica Lynn Cutrell says:

Cody & Austin!

Nikki Fregon says:

Tailgate Down!

Kathy Morrow Lotring says:

DCB and CAB and TGD So many great local bands in HR 🙂

Lynda Pritchard says:

Add Riverboyz to the list !!!

Nita Reed Smith says:

I've heard Dave Cynar at Eagles Nest and the
Chesapeake Jubilee and I must say the band is Awesome!!!

Tailgate Down of course!!

James Eric Baker says:

I have to give love to Ed kelleher

Clarence Walker says:

I have yet to see kevin

Dawn Tgdcabpmlover Dawson says:

Tailgate Down!!! and cody austin band, pridemore, and Kevin Mac!

Michelle Evans says:

Tailgate Down!

Dave cynar,cody austin,tailgate down,boot rooster,and.