5 Things to Look for in a Coffee Service for Your Business

Office Coffee Delivery ServiceCoffee service for your business can help keep your employees stocked with their favorite blends without the hassle of running out to a grocery store. If you strategize your supplier choice, they can even provide other products like bottle water, tea, and brewing equipment. Keep employees happy and their productivity high by considering these five things before picking a coffee service.

Quality Products

While it's important to maintain budget-friendly options, there are some things you don’t want to penny pinch over. Coffee is one of those things that’s really better when you have a quality product. Before selecting your service and provider, ask for samples and taste tests. They are free, so you can sample some varieties to see what will work best for your office. However, don’t spend an arm and a leg on providing coffee for your employees. An ideal coffee service provider can provide a balance between great-tasting product and affordable grounds.

Type of Delivery

How your coffee is delivered may be something you want to consider before choosing your provider. Depending on the company, you may get an automated service where a set amount of coffee is delivered to your door every month. Or, you may have the option for a more personalized service where the company delivers to your business each month and provides some routine maintenance on your machines. Determine the type of upkeep you prefer to help decide which service is best for you.

Water Filtration Services

Coffee Delivery ServiceThe type of water being filtered through your coffee may be important to you or your employees. Coffee services can offer bottled water delivered with your coffee which will ensure that your coffee gets made with fresh, clean water.

Reliable Equipment Maintenance

To ensure your coffee production is never jeopardized, you need to make sure that the equipment for brewing it is well maintained. A properly-maintained coffee service should include being fully stocked, as well as regular maintenance to the machines. Make sure to choice a service provider that is prompt at responding to coffee machine problems, makes efforts to consistently keep it cleaned and in working order, and asks you how the service is performing for you regularly.

Additional Products Offered

If you're someone who likes to knock out several birds with one stone, you'll want to look for a coffee service provider that offers additional products to coffee such as: creamers, sugar, sweeteners, napkins, snacks, other beverages, etc. This can save you time and money by getting bulk order discounts.
Make your employees feel valued and the office morale high by selecting a coffee service that meets everyone's needs. Knowing what to look for in a provider can allow you to choose a company that fits your offices' coffee-consumption requirements.
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Author: Hudson Piccini

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