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Looking for a New Call Center Service Provider? Our Top Picks!

Can a call center really help your business? Do they have the expertise and experience to feel like they are part of your team?

Many business owners ask these questions when thinking about getting a call center service provider.

Keep reading to find out what call centers can offer your business and how much they cost. Plus, you'll see a couple of the top picks out there!

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When to Get a Call Center Service Provider

Connecting with your customers is a big part of your business, but it is also tough to do. This is why call centers are such a huge business around the world. They provide benefits to businesses of all sizes.

Personal Connection

Call centers are perfect if you want to give your customers personal connections in the most cost-effective way. People prefer to speak to a person over automated machines.

Priced Right

Paying full-time employees to do your phone service can get expensive. With call centers, you get dedicated staff but don't pay full-time prices. This boosts your customer service and saves you money.

Multiple Services

Call center service providers can offer multiple services to increase customer satisfaction. Some centers handle all your appointment scheduling to ones that can capture qualified leads for you.

Some companies will also provide full human resource services for your company.

Types of Call Centers

There are multiple call centers around the world that could work for you. Picking the right one should start with understanding all they do and how they could help you.

Inbound Call Center Service Provider

The focus of inbound call centers is providing outstanding customer service for your business. You may need a call center service provider for plumbing scheduling, so you don't have to take calls while on a job.

You can even get specialty fields covered like a legal call center service provider. The point of the inbound call center is to help your customers with services that make your business look good.

They can give technical support, answer warranty questions and even respond to complaints.

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Outbound Call Center Service Provider

Outbound call centers handle the outgoing calls that help your business. These agents call with a focus on getting leads and customers for you. Sales are their specialty, and they put it to work for your business.

You can even use these services to handle surveys or fundraising needs. They can call current customers about new products you are offering. You can also use them to help collect late payments from customers.

The outbound centers focus on reaching out for you and your business to customers or potential customers.

US-based Centers

US-based call centers are available and help overcome the language and cultural barriers that can happen with offshore centers. Their agents are based in the US and can connect with your customers quickly.

A service provider in the US can also have more vigorous background checks and certifications. This is important if your calls involve sensitive data or financial information.

These services do come at a cost. US-based call center service providers are more expensive than their offshore competitors.

Offshore Centers

Offshore call centers provide many of the same services as the US-based centers but at a much lower price. You can also find ones that help you by having 24-hour support for your business.

Some offshore centers have been around a long time and work hard to provide strong English speakers for their services. You may not want to discount an offshore center automatically until you have checked it out yourself.

Best Call Center Services

The great thing about call center service providers is there are so many out there to pick from. This gives you the ability to look for the ones that have the right services for your business.

Industry Experts

You can find call centers with specific industry knowledge that helps your business. It could be a helpline for your app, technical support for home repairs, or medical and dental support.

Detailed Measurements

Call center service providers can give you detailed reports that help you with your business. They can show you how many calls came about a specific problem. This can help you improve your business and see customer needs.

An outbound center can give you reports that show you what aspects of your business appeal to customers. What outreaches are working to generate the most leads? This data can help you focus on the direction of the company.

Optimal Size

Call centers come in all shapes and sizes. This allows you to find the one that fits your company the best. A smaller, more personalized call center could work best for you if you are a small business.

If you are a growing company, you can find a more prominent call center to help you generate more business. The options available can help you find the perfect fit.

Call Center Service Provider Costs

Call center prices vary based on many factors, like whether they are US-based or offshore. You also find that many services are available as all for one or pay as you go services.

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Inbound Prices

There are several different pricing models for inbound call centers. The easiest to understand is the monthly service. This is where you pay one price for the month, and they handle your calls no matter the volume.

Monthly pricing is more common for offshore call centers. Shared call centers will have agents who answer your calls along with other companies' calls. This can be an affordable option depending on your call volume.

Shared call centers charge per minute for calls. US-based centers will charge anywhere from $.80-$.95 per minute. Offshore call centers average $.40-$.50 per minute.

Businesses that have higher call volume can use dedicated call centers. These centers will assign agents to be “your” agents exclusively. They will only take calls for your business and no others during each session.

Dedicated centers in the US cost around $23-$29 per hour. Offshore centers will cost approximately $9-$15 per hour.

Outbound Prices

Outbound call center prices vary widely based on their specialty. Some centers are focused on sales and get a commission-only fee. This can benefit your business because you only pay if they provide income.

Other businesses will offer an hourly rate plus commission model. Here you will pay a base rate for the center and give them commissions if they make a sale. The other model is an hourly charge center.

US-based hourly call centers will charge around $25-$35 for their services. Offshore hourly based outbound call centers will charge about $6-$15 per hour for services.

Specialized Upcharges

If you need specialized services, you can add to the above prices. Companies that need bilingual agents or agents with special technical skills will pay a premium for those services.

Top Call Center Service Provider Picks

The problem with having so many choices when it comes to call centers is picking the right ones. Here are a few top-rated call centers with high ratings and a strong track record.



AmericCall is based in Tacoma, Washington, and has provided inbound and outbound call services for over 80 years. They have agents that can provide unique industry services like medical, healthcare, legal, and repair services.

They offer services with regular business hours and after-hours options. They are a more significant player in the market and only work on projects over $1000 total. Their package prices average just under $25 an hour.

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Abby Connect

Abby Connect

Abby Connect is a call center based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, with inbound and outbound call services. They provide around-the-clock services for small and mid-level companies.

They are a family-owned business with over 40 employees. Their focus is on having professional receptionists who provide exceptional care for your customers and offer bilingual services.

They focus on small businesses, legal, medical, dental, and accounting industries. Their average package price is under $25 an hour.

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1-888-GO-ANSWER Logo

1-888-GoAnswer offers 24/7 call services from two North American locations and one on the island of St Lucia. They are a family-owned business that offers inbound phone support for companies of all sizes.

They have medical and legal specialties along with many others. They don't force you to sign a long-term contract and have 30-day risk-free trials. The virtual receptionist is $1-$1.15 per minute.

Legal intake services average $1.50-$2.20 per minute, and their contact center services start at $14.50 per hour.

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Call Centers That Work for You

Finding the right call center service provider can help take your customer service to the next level. Taking the time to figure out what you need and what they provide can make the perfect match for your business.

Side by Side Reviews takes care of all the research and gives you the top-rated companies in areas your business needs. Check out our full reviews of the top call center service providers so you can find the perfect fit.

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