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Best Construction Office Trailers of 2021

Construction Trailer ReviewWhen it comes to buying  or renting Mobile Offices or Construction Trailers comparing quotes is the key to getting a top product for the lowest price.

We’ve gathered information on the top 10 construction office trailer providers, user reviews, buying tips, and made it easy to get the best price from companies in your area.


Construction trailers are can be rented, leased, and are also for sale. These portable buildings are common for construction companies, schools (classrooms), clinics, government facilities and healthcare facilities.

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Please take a few minutes to read the buying tips and reviews posted below to learn about other customer experiences (Good and Bad). If you need to rent or buy a mobile office or require pricing please consider taking advantage of our free service and get multiple quotes from suppliers that will fight to win your business.

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Construction Trailer Buying Advice & Reviews

Mobile Trailer offices come in handy with temporary projects such as the construction of a church building, residential property or even temporary shelters. The need for mobile office trailers has increased over the past few years and it’s not hard to find these trailers converted into portable classrooms or as storage space in the home.

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If you are interested in getting yourself these Portable Construction offices, you need to ask yourself these three vital questions:

  1. What is the purpose of the mobile office?
  2. What size is needed?
  3. What is your budget?

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Usually, the purpose will determine the size and if for example, you are setting up a sales office, you may need a small office trailer as opposed to a construction trailer or portable classroom which will require a larger trailer. Small personal offices will do with about 150 to 200 square feet while a classroom with about 10 children may require 550 square feet. You also need to consider the size of the people and middle school and high school students will need more space of 700 square feet. Do not forget to factor in common areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, and other spaces.

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New vs. Used Construction Trailers

Your budget largely determines the type of office trailer you acquire and you have the choice of purchasing a brand new trailer or a used one. The cost of purchasing an unused office trailer can be measured up to purchasing a new car. It’s expensive and this is an asset that depreciates over time. That said; there may be instances when buying an unused office trailer may be advantageous especially if you need one for the long run. A second-hand office trailer is much cheaper and still as effective though with a shorter life

Rent vs. Lease

Renting and leasing are two different things and if you are looking for an office trailer for a short duration of time then renting is the way to go. However, if you are going to need the office space for an extended duration of time maybe for more than a year then leasing makes better sense and could be cheaper. Understand your timelines.

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Saving Money on Mobile Office Trailers

We are after the best price. Below we share a few tips that will help you get a great price regardless of whether or not you are purchasing the office trailer.

  • Consider duration: If you are renting or leasing, you will get a better price based on the duration. A shorter duration often attracts a higher rate.
  • Take advantage of repeat business: If you are a repeat customer, then you can use this to get discounts and better rates. Be sure to point out how much business you are giving the company.
  • Compare prices: Always compare prices with other office trailer suppliers. This helps you to get the best deal.

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Top Construction Trailers Review

(in no particular order)

 Construction TrailerOverall RatingContactSite DeliveryCompare Competitors
SatelliteSatellite1 (800) 453-1229Yes- Offers This Service
Mobile Mini1 (866) 344-4092Yes- Offers This Service
Williams Scotsman1 (800) 782-1500Yes- Offers This Service
Pac Van1 (800) 587-1784Yes- Offers This Service
ActonActon Mobile1 (888) 681-6389Yes- Offers This Service
Allied Trailers1 (800) 532-5400Yes- Offers This Service
StarrcoStarrco1 (800) 325-4259Yes- Offers This Service
Commercial Mobile Systems1 (800) 788-2502Yes- Offers This Service
Featherlite Trailers1 (800) 800-1230Yes- Offers This Service
Modular Genius1 (410) 676-3424Yes- Offers This Service
Triumph Modular1 (978) 486-0120Yes- Offers This Service
Mobile Modular1 (877) 221-2813Yes- Offers This Service

Other Top Ranking Mobile Office Companies: Hale Trailer, Design Space, Golden Office Trailers, Eagle Leasing, and Sustainable Modular (SMM).

Construction Trailer Review

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