10 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About Email Marketing, But Doesn't

Email marketing is no  doubt one of the  lowest cost advertising promotions that any business can do. This type of digital marketing allows for businesses to schedule timely commercial messages to a highly targeted group of people which helps them to acquire brand new clients or motivate existing customers to make additional purchases. The problem many online marketers have is they don't fully understand the basics of email marketing, so we thought it would be nice to share a few of the top “must know tips about email marketing”.

If you've ever tried emailing your business correspondences and communicating with customers in the past and your open rate was less than 10% there's a strong chance that you are making some very basic mistakes and the training guide below should prove to be very helpful. Alternatively the problem could reside in the quality of the list itself, making anything you do a mute point until you scrub and update your data base of customers and prospects.

This educational infographic will take you from the subject line to the message delivered and may help increase your conversion rate while decreasing your SPAM and unsubscribe rates.  Also, if you looking to outsource this critical service or are looking for professional email software then we highly recommend you check out our latest review on email marketing software and services which can found at the end of the post.

Best Tips For Emailing Prospect and Customers

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Author: Hudson Piccini

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