Tips for Emailing – Insight From Over 5 Million Emails

At 6:45am this morning I came in to 150 emails and by 6:50am I had already deleted 140 of them simply because the subject line screamed SPAM and I had too much going on to read a sales pitch for something I had not requested. While my morning story at the office may mirror yours many entrepreneurs have experienced great success with email campaigns and discovered the well kept secrets of increasing open rates, converting sales and responses, and some have even learned how to do it on auto pilot. On the flip side others have blasted out tens of thousands of emails and utterly failed, and you’ll often recognize them by the people saying that email marketing doesn’t work. On the contrary, if you know what you’re doing then emailing customers and prospects can be highly effective and extremely profitable. The below infographic shares a number of tips to mastering your next campaign and drops some interesting facts about keywords to be avoided in your subject line (especially if you email me!) and along with our latest review of the best email software this should help your next email promotion to be a killer success.

Tips For Emailing - Infograhic

There are many software tools for producing powerful email messages and auto-responders. While some free tools are fine for basic communications with existing customers you're going to be far better off with software that gives you the flexibility and tracking you need to discover what works and what doesn't. Your best emailing solutions will include list building tools, contact management features, and highly creative email templates that guide you though the entire campaign building process.

What will  the top email software cost? That depends on how large your email list is but below is a very close estimation.

0 – 500 email contacts will cost about $19/ mo

501 – 2000 email contacts will cost about$25/ mo

2001 – 5000 email contacts will cost about$45/ mo

5001 – 10000 email contacts will cost about$75/ mo

10000+ email contacts will prices can drop considerably. 

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Author: Hudson Piccini

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