Email Marketing Strategies for a Successful Campaign

Email marketing is an amazingly affordable way of reaching tens of thousands of potential buyers, but it’s not just a matter of collecting email addresses and delivering a message. One great thing you’ll discover about email mail marketing is how social media sharing and forwarding can double your audience and build your list quickly. As you start sending out messages begin by examining your open rate because this number says a lot an great impacts your results. If the open rate of your email campaigns are low then the odds are your also being heavily marked as SPAM, which means your list is getting smaller. We have found that simply scheduling your emails to be delivered in the early morning as opposed to late evenings can have a large impact on the open rate. More importantly the subject line is critical to success. Make sure your subject line really grabs the attention of your audience and offers them something of real value. Avoid selling in your message and focus on value driven information, tools, and giveaways. Most successful email advertising consists of earning trust and building authority by sending messages with nothing more than good information, only to later ask for the sale. Also, we highly recommend using quality email marketing software from top providers and not going cheap with free off the shelf solutions.

The infographic below addresses a few common mistakes made by amateur email marketers and should be avoided at all costs.

 Email-Marketing Tips and Techniques

Understand that email marketing is the #1 channel for business to business marketers because its affordable, controllable, and instantly measurable. If your unsubscribe rate exceeds 2%, your click through rate is less than 14%, or your open rate is not at least 24% then you need to take a closer look at your campaign, and very possibly your software. For information and prices on the best email marketing software that can improve these metrics we recommend viewing our top rated email software solutions by clicking here.

Author: Hudson Piccini

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