A Look At How SEO (Digital Marketing) Has Changed

Here we take a close look at how SEO (on and off page website optimization) has changed over the last couple of years. From link building to content creation everything is new and unless you live under a rock and are still using rotary phones and playing Atari blockbuster games you’d be well served to make certain you have ceased all old SEO techniques and began implementing the new one. We have interviewed many of the top digital advertising firms and they consistently agree that that the kind of links that one help explode SERP rankings no longer work, and in fact may have a reverse and complete opposite effect. The summary of what we discovered was if you are not “earning” your links through high quality content then you are without question wasting your time.

The infographic below hits on a few of old and now ineffective webpage optimization techniques, and then points out the new solutions begin offered by the nations top internet advertising agencies.



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Author: mcynar

Capturing over 30,000 leads/month, Mike Cynar is B2B lead generation expert. Mike manages multiple buyers guides helping people navigate through purchasing decisions for their business. His guides include consumer reviews, buyer tips, and free price comparisons from over 2,000 leading companies across the USA.